Costing And Buying Of 1300 Numbers Now Becomes Simple And Easy

May 23 2018

1300 numbers are the one which cost extremely affordable when we consider its flexibility, portability, and ability in boosting business image. Hence, the call charges for 1300 numbers are shared between the callers and account holder (business).

With respect to businesses, the cost of 1300 numbers are divided into three category that is the total cost of getting a 1300 number (free to above $250), a once-off setup cost ($19), and charges with regards to your 1300 number call plan.

All the available plans for 1300 numbers have a starting charge of $14 per month. One can choose plans that include free local minutes or up to unlimited local to landline calls. Local, national, and mobile rates can change significantly, depending on which type 1300 number call plan you have chosen.

How much does it cost to call a 1300 number?

The charges of call in 1300 number generally depends on three things that is on the type of phone used to make the call, the service provider on the caller’s phone, and also on their on-going call plan. On website you may find all necessary information you want.

When a call comes from any landline within the country the caller is charged the cost of a standard local call. This is the reason why1300 numbers are referred as Local Call Numbers. Higher rates are applicable for calls coming from a mobile phone. This rate is standard which is kept by mobile carrier and may change depending on the phone company.

How much does buying 1300 numbers cost?

Normal Issue numbers are easily available in 1300 Numbers. Free numbers are best option when memorability is not vulnerable. For better use, select premium Gold, Platinum, or Pairs — that is 1300 222 222 numbers.

Smartnumbers or in other words Phone Words are great memorable numbers that spell a word when dialed on a phone keypad. One can choose from the pool of available Smartnumbers or phone words or can have a look on these numbers through this website