Important Questions to Ask Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Oct 08 2018

For a successful execution and favorable outcome of your case, it is very important to get the best attorney. This is possible when you interview a lawyer with the right set of questions. This will let you figure out whether or not the attorney is appropriate to deal with your case.

Do I require a workers’ comp lawyer?

If your injury has made you miss only some days of work, then you would not need a lawyer. In other cases, if your injury has caused a permanent impairment, then you should definitely hire a good lawyer to make a case. Injured employees must protect themselves by seeking a legal advice. Learn more about Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer

What type of benefits can you expect from workers’ compensation?

A workers’ compensation insurer firm should pay compensation for reasonable amounts of expenses incurred on medical bills due to a work-related injury. In addition to this, Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer suggests that if you miss out on 3 days of work, then you are even entitled to get temporary disability benefits. It will help you replace a portion of your lost income. Also, if your injury is of permanent types, then you are again entitled for permanent disability benefits.

Do I need to finish off the work that my employer has offered me?

If your physician permits you to perform duties with temporary restrictions, then you can try to get back to work. If your employer is not keen to accommodate the type of work restrictions that you are entitled to, then you can receive benefits for temporary disability.


Hiring an attorney is a very important decision. It requires a lot of planning, analysis and research. All these questions would definitely help you in making the right attorney hiring decision.