Using Tap And Die Sets

Sep 04 2018

Tap and die sets are the two tools which are used to make screw threads, more commonly known as a thread. It is a misunderstanding to think that they are similar, seeing them as two different tools with different jobs, though a die set is rarely seen with a tap. The basic point of tap and die sets is to create threads on bolts and nuts. Some of their specific actions are:

A tap is like a drill, and this is because its main purpose is making the female thread or a nut. Using a tap may not be easy because it must be used with great care, as if one of them comes off in between drilling, it is impossible to remove.

The best thing is that a tap comes with a T handle always which will make it easy to use. All you got to do is make sure that you have the tap size and you will not face any problems.

On the other hand, a die appears like a nut, and it is used in creating threads on metallic rods. The die size that you should use must be one size smaller than the rod because if it is too perfect, the threads won’t be useful if they are formed at all.

It is advised that you make use a small amount of lubricant while using tap and die sets, just because you don’t want too much friction which will make it break. The type of lubricant that you use will completely depend on the material used to make the daps and dies. Carbon steel is put together with synthetic cutting oil, alloy steel is matched with the oil based on petroleum, brass, and aluminum can be matched with mineral spirits or kerosene, and bronze can be used with kerosene with a small amount of cutting oil containing petroleum.

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